Thursday, July 9, 2020

Traumatic brain injury

Severe brain injury, ataxia

Martin had to return from a state of crisis. Two weeks before his eighth birthday, he was in a serious accident: he was hit by a car. The boy's body on the right side was partially paralysed and his left side was...

Developmental delay

Letti’s autism

Robi and his mum Anita have been living together with Robi's autism for many years. Recently positive changes have started to happen, Robi's mum talks about the improvement.

Pulmonary functions

Falling asleep while driving, nightmares, fatigue

Micro-sleeping; nodding off while driving can cause life-threatening situations. Norbert has been very frightened by these momentary micro-sleeps over the last few years. Cecilia has been struggling with anxiety and nightmares ever since she can remember, and fatigue and...

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Case Study

Bowel problems

Irritable bowel syndrome

András struggled with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many decades which made his life difficult. Then, from one moment to...


Jocó’s history of Dravet Syndrome

The little boy hasn't had an epileptic seizure since January. He has had such a big improvement that it's unbelievable for...


Experiences with diabetes

Erzsébet's blood glucose levels increased a few months ago and she was diagnosed with diabetes. It was possible to stabilise her...


Intensive recovery years after stroke

Jolan got sick in her bed one night. She realised that she had no strength and her right side was numb....